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Want a career in Public Relations (PR) – Here’s our Top 5 Tips!


It’s that time of year when we receive many CVs every day from grads wanting to pursue a career in Public Relations (PR).  So, if you like the idea of working in PR and want to have a career in our field, here are our top 5 tips to help you on your way:

1.       Be a good communicator

This of course goes without saying as it is the basis of what we do and what PR is all about.  Successful PR campaigns are the result of a brilliant collaboration, both within the PR team and between the agency and its clients and then outwardly to consumers and your target audience. You need to be able to communicate in every which way.

2.       Be tech savvy

In this day and age, even more so with the recent pandemic looming eerily around us for the indefinite future, and communication depending more and more on video calling and the internet you really do need to know your technologies and software, particularly those around presentations, websites and of course all the basics (and some!) around social media platforms. Tech is the way forward – you need to be savvy in it.

3.       Be good at research

Research is key with a lot of things, but particularly in PR, because if you don’t do it, you don’t know what you are communicating which ultimately tells your clients and customers that you just don’t care about the brand or product that you are working for.  Do your research, gain the knowledge, and BE interested in it.

4.       Attention to detail

This you absolutely must have.  A mistake in detail, particularly when it is in print can lose you clients, campaigns, and ultimately your job.  Check, check, and check again before it is sent anywhere outside your office. As simple a thing as having an apostrophe in the wrong place for example can mean something reading totally different from what you actually want it to say. Sweat the small stuff! 

5.       Honesty, accountability, and hard work

These are general must-have life skills to go anywhere in anything, but particularly in your career, especially if you want to go far in it.  Do what’s right, when it’s right, don’t blame people for your own mistakes, and help people realize their goals too.  

There’s so much more we could tell you about what we do day to day, and we will in the days and months to come.  If there is one thing that we can promise you though, it’s that there will never be a dull day working in PR as every day is different, you will be constantly challenged and you will never be bored.  And we think that’s pretty amazing.

Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, Founder & CEO of TishTash Marketing and PR


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