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Launch Events: Why are they important?

At TishTash we specialize in hosting exciting events – we thrive on them even! But worry not if you need to throw one as it doesn’t mean it needs to be overwhelming or scary for you to host your first event as we’ll make it seamless and easy for you! Launch events are still one of the best ways to create buzz and interest in a product that no one has used yet. Launch events help you connect with people who have the potential to become customers and also create excitement around your product, apart from this they also give

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Influencer fatigue – can paid collaborations ever be authentic?

The dangers of influencer marketing ( Influencer fatigue ) are well documented, recently to the point that we feel the need to jump to the defense of working with influencers as part of your marketing strategy. There are horror stories – work not being delivered, zero ROI, and disgruntled brands and business owners all keen to share their woes. As a marketing, PR, and digital agency, we know that a solid influencer ‘strategy’ as part of your visibility plans can deliver the results the client is looking for and that it is possible to have great working relationships between both

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Tips For Becoming A Successful Instagram Influencer in the Middle East

It’s no secret that gram is a different platform, long gone are the days when posting a pretty photo and a 3-word caption would lead to massive growth. #fail! In this blog post, our social media queen Nicole Clarke shares the top 3 strategies to take your Instagram Influencer career to the next level in the Middle East! Whether you’re just starting on your Instagram influencer journey or already have thousands of followers, these strategies will help you:  Identify Your Niche and Content Pillars The more focused and niched you are in the beginning, the easier you’ll be able to

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