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How does PR agency support sales?

We know that for most businesses the bottom line is sales. Sales are what pays the bills, pays the staff, and keeps you in business. But let’s be clear, PR is one way of SUPPORTING sales and helping you achieve other business goals. It is not to be held accountable

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5 Things you should never say to a Journalist

Ah, the relationship between a PR and a journalist is a special one. Whilst both would tell you how frustrating they find it at times, like true family relationships, neither can manage without the help of the other! That said, whilst the goal at TishTash Marketing & PR is to ensure positive, thoughtful, and engaging media coverage for our clients and brands, we know there is most definitely a way to manage an editor, writer, broadcaster, or any journalistic outlet we want to keep on side. Solid media training will absolutely teach you what to say to the press, but

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What is reputation management?

The reputation of a brand, business, or individual in the public eye has never been more important. In 2021, the consumer is paying far more attention to the values and ethics of companies that they engage with and buy from, irrespective of industry. It’s easy to think of reputation management and public relations as being interchangeable. It’s true that they complement and work hand in hand with each other, but both come with very different objectives and public perceptions. A crisis may or may not happen – your reputation, however, precedes you and is a constant, the management of which

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How to start a podcast in 2021

Podcast content marketing can be a very powerful way to build a brand and generate a loyal audience. It is one of the fastest-growing ways to reach an audience but with over 500,000 different podcasts already out there how do you go about starting your own? Here is a mini guide that we hope will get you started… 1: BRAINSTORM – As we know, the podcast market is a busy one, so when you decide to start a new one you need to ensure that you know what you’re aiming to achieve from it. Make sure you sit down and brainstorm your

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