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How does PR agency support sales?


We know that for most businesses the bottom line is sales. Sales are what pays the bills, pays the staff, and keeps you in business. But let’s be clear, PR is one way of SUPPORTING sales and helping you achieve other business goals. It is not to be held accountable for your sales targets all on its own. 

Do PR agency support sales efforts?

Here at TISHTASH, a specialist Beauty and wellness PR agency in the region, our role is to create awareness, excitement, and demand and it is known as one of the most powerful ways to push sales, but indirectly so! Good public relations efforts can help company build relationships with consumers, promote what it has to offer, and supplement its sales funnel efforts. This is a result of PR specialists building key relationships with people at different media outlets to help companies get their stories placed in top-tier publications.

PR is the core backbone of many companies as it creates content for them that speaks of key benefits of the product or service to create awareness for it to then generate media coverage. The content needs to be interesting and credible for successful pitching, it’s important as media is driven primarily by how remarkable you make the topic to them. Our job as PR specialists is to tell brand stories that are written with a focus to create a desire and return the effect through an increase in sales.

Ultimately, we are content creators and storytellers with one clear job – to drive media coverage and ensure our client’s maximum exposure across as many diverse and relevant platforms as possible. 

That brings us to an important topic  – social media. When we talk about getting clients exposure, social exposure is top of the list these days. Whether we are talking about a brand’s own social pages or working with influencers, TishTash works really hard to build those strong influencer relationships to ensure that they are helping us tell the right brand stories and build social love for our brands. 

But how does this help increase sales, can PR help your business to grow? Well, without awareness people won’t even know your brand exists, let alone click the button or visit the store to buy and without brand love and loyalty those customers won’t come back again or recommend you to their friends. It really is that simple. 

So, if you are a brand looking to increase sales and you are thinking about hiring a PR agency, run these questions in your head and if the answer is NO to any of the below, you need a PR agency in your life: 
  • Do enough people know my brand?
  • Are people saying the right things about my brand?
  • Am I in control of the narrative of my brand?
  • Does my social media reflect what I want people to think and know about my brand?
Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, Founder & CEO of TishTash Marketing and PR @TishTashTalks

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