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What is PR or PR agency and how can it help your business?


To understand how PR or a PR agency can help your business, it is important to understand what exactly PR is. This is why you are here right?

PR or Public Relations as defined by the Public Relations Society of America PRSA is: “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

In simple words, PR activities are a brand’s effort to create a positive image of the product or create brand value for the company’s image. It eventually influences a prospective consumer to make an informed purchase. PR is not the same as marketing as you earn here and do not spend, whether it is an article in a magazine or newspaper or an influencer review, your brand is getting a favorable mention, which is earned and not paid, and holds much more weight than an ad. Essentially, by doing PR, you’re continually working on building trust and credibility for your brand without spending too many dollars.

PR includes traditional Print and Digital PR, and with a recent influx of influencers, also influencer gifting to get a positive review of the brand. This is the easiest way to get on your prospective customer’s radar, people don’t trust brands as much anymore which is why influencer marketing and PR content provides an authentic touch to your business.

In your mix of activities, Public relations or a PR agency is a crucial way to reach your audience, build awareness and create a positive business image. It is essential to tie in any marketing efforts with PR to increase your reach and help you to create a more streamlined approach, this way you reach a wider audience in a way advertising can’t.

The job of a PR professional working on your brand is to convince journalists and editors to write a positive story about your brand, what we have noticed helps is something educational or inspiring.

For example, a skincare brand started by a woman to provide organic and good quality products for her daughters will have more potential than a beauty brand, or just a story on how a product helps you create a trending look. Use PR to provide and deliver real value to your audience and you’ll win people’s attention. It may sound hard, but all it takes is a good plan and hard work.

And remember when developing a PR campaign, try to know and empathize as much as possible with your audience and provide something they would consider valuable.

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