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Launch Events: Why are they important?


At TishTash we specialize in hosting exciting events – we thrive on them even! But worry not if you need to throw one as it doesn’t mean it needs to be overwhelming or scary for you to host your first event as we’ll make it seamless and easy for you!

Launch events are still one of the best ways to create buzz and interest in a product that no one has used yet. Launch events help you connect with people who have the potential to become customers and also create excitement around your product, apart from this they also give you an opportunity to showcase your product that will be remembered by people.

Here at TishTash we pride ourselves as being an expert at hosting effective and brilliant events, and have curated a list with tips to plan an effective event to launch your exciting new product:

1 – Goal setting For Launch Events

It is important to set clear goals and targets that will help you allocate budgets and make the right choices when planning elements to host the perfect event. Do you want everyone to talk about your product? Do you want to buzz on traditional media or social media? Do you want the buzz from the influencers in the industry? Do you want to secure new retailers? Or do you want to connect with new customers and generate sales? Answer these questions to set clear goals and plan your next event.

2 – Location! Location! Location

The right venue will have a big impact on how successful your event is. It needs to be large enough to accommodate your guests, you must ensure it is in line with the theme of your brand and launch, and most importantly that it is easy for your guests to find. A site visit to explore the location is important as it can help you plan all elements at your event.

3 – Guestlist

Choosing the right people to attend the event is also very important. From journalists to influencers, you want to curate your guestlist which is relevant to your industry. Here is where you will take a call on whether you want to focus on spreading the word or also invite potential customers and people who can help you spread the word.  You also need to factor in the all-important dropout rate to ensure you hit your target numbers. Currently, in peak season it’s about a 50% drop out for events, so bear this in mind and don’t be caught out by surprise.

4 – One for the gram/ TikTok

It is not just about the product (even though it is the hero of your event), but also about creating an experience for your guests to remember. Activations that are interactive as well as something that can be shared with instant media, whether Instagram TikTok or traditional media, is what will make your launch talked about. Panel discussions to provide insight into the industry, product demos, personalization opportunities, entertainment, and giveaways are always a success.   We’ll always give you lots of ideas and inspirations to choose from in the planning stages.

5 – Generate Buzz

Make sure you generate buzz around your launch event by promoting it on your social media, your website, and through email marketing. You can also consider partnering with influencers or media outlets to help promote your event and generate interest in your product.

In conclusion, hosting a launch event can be a great way to generate excitement and interest in your new product. Follow these tips or reach out to us at TishTash to host your next smashing product, service, or venue launch.

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