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Influencer Marketing and how can it help your business grow


As a brand, it is imperative to find your target market. Apart from marketing, it is also essential to work on your brand’s social media. Traditional Social Media has now evolved and apart from organic content (read on social media trends for 2022), there are various aspects to consider like Ads and Influencer Marketing. Today we will be talking about influencer marketing.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers have their own target audience, who they work hard at acquiring, and finding an influencer with the right target audience is the key to Brand Awareness. Essentially Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses testimonials and mentions from influencers who have used or consumed a particular product. This works as an influencer’s niche audience follows them as they trust them and recommendations from influencers amplify a brand’s potential customers to the influencer’s followers.

As a brand it is first important to identify an optimum platform for your product or services after which you pick your niche industry, this helps you identify the optimum influencer for your brand. We have also seen influencers with a followership of about 5-50K followers perform especially well, as their audience is smaller and their followers trust their reviews by them.

We have also noticed, sending gifts out to a wider group of influencers helps in brand retention and creates awareness among potential customers. This is like ads, the more you spend on ads, the more exposure you get, similarly, the more influencers you gift to the more exposure you get to your target audience. We call it the halo effect.

Making influencers work for you is an integral part of social media marketing, and also creates a positive brand image as the reviews are user-based and personal.

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