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Health Love UAE Transforms Times Square into a Hub of Inspiration and Empowerment for Woman

Health Love UAE

On June 17th 2023, Health Love UAE, a unique wellness event focused on Women’s Health organized by TishTash Communications, took center stage at the iconic Times Square Center. The aim of the event was to bring together health enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders to celebrate holistic well-being and inspire positive lifestyle choices, and this is exactly what we achieved.

Times Square was buzzing with excitement as 1800 women from all over UAE immersed themselves in a vibrant array of activities. From invigorating fitness classes led by certified trainers to informative workshops on nutrition, mental health and perinatal health for women, Health Love UAE left no stone unturned in promoting women’s health and wellness.

Health Love also showcased a curated marketplace, for attendees to explore a range of health-conscious brands and products. The marketplace exemplified the event’s commitment to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle, by showcasing a range of brands, from organic foods and sustainable fashion to natural beauty products and innovative fitness gear.

The talks were a great success, as the guest speakers shared their insights and personal journeys towards achieving optimal health and happiness. Social Media was buzzing with Health Love on the day and helped connect with a community of like-minded individuals. With its unforgettable experience and invaluable takeaways, Health Love UAE has undoubtedly paved the way for a healthier and happier future in the UAE and beyond.

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