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Why being a specialist PR Agency in Dubai was the best decision TishTash ever made!


I’ve lost track now of the number of times that people have asked if being a PR Agency with a specific niche was a wise business decision or not. People assume being specialist limits us as a business, that we earn less, or it means we can’t grow much more than we have done to date. Honestly, I couldn’t disagree more, and making the decision to be a specialist PR and marketing agency really has only been hugely beneficial to us. Never more has this been true than in the year of Covid when consumers craved health, wellness, and self-care over all else. 2020 – It really was kind of our year!

So, when looking at the myriad of PR agencies and agencies in general out there when you are conducting your search, it can be really hard to decide on the right one for you. How do you know if they are the one for you? Have they worked on similar projects before? Do they know the ins and outs of your industry? It’s not an easy decision to make and we get that there are so many questions you will be asking yourself. Honestly, we believe like many things in life, that when you find the right agency or freelancer, you just know because gut instinct really is a powerful thing.

When talking to potential clients, one of the biggest pushbacks we get about being a specialist PR agency in Dubai rather than a generalist PR agency is – why should we give you our brand, when you have 70 others in this space, and will we get the love, attention and personal approach we require? And it’s a fair comment to make. With this said, we treat all clients the same regardless of size and budget and if you ever look at a local beauty page in a magazine it is likely that 8 out of 10 of the brands are ours ;) So yes, we said it
once and we’ll say it again – we do believe a specialist agency is the best decision we made as a business and our clients must agree as they stay with us for a very long time too.

So, here are our 5 reasons (we could have given more!) why being a specialist PR agency in Dubai and ultimately choosing a specialist agency is the best decision you will make:

We love what we do!

With so many PR agencies out there (over 200 PR agencies in the UAE at our last count), it can be hard to choose the one for you. But we live and breathe beauty, health, and wellness. We love what we do, and we are immersed in it daily. We get it, we know the trends, we know the media and influencers you need to work with depending on your target audience and we know the strategies that work. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who gets it? One of the quotes I personally live by is “What is done in love is done well” by Vincent Van Gogh (so much so, it’s on my new website ( and I truly feel that if people love what they do, it shows through the work they deliver.

We get the Industry

We may have mentioned it once or twice in this article, but a specialist agency will know your sector! There’s no need for hand-holding as our experience and expertise means that we can turn our hand to any project, no matter what the brief and we get on with our job, while you get on with yours and where you add value most. We’ll be well-informed on your competition, and what’s going on in the industry as a whole and we know what’s been done before, what worked well, and what we’re up against now.

And we understand your Consumers

We always put the consumer at the heart of all we do – as any good marketing agency should. So, understanding individuals that would benefit from your product or service will be at the heart of what we do. Whomever your target audience is, we know what they are
looking for and can create a bespoke marketing plan to convey whatever you need to.

We have excellent press relationships

We talk to the press you want daily. There is a media list for your sector, and we know all the journalists and editors who work in it. As with many specialist agencies, our working relationships with key press contacts are second to none. We speak to them every day and more so we’ve relied on them to bring the most exciting, unmissable, and latest news stories in the sector.

We’re the “go-to” – we get so many opportunities

As a specialist agency, we’re often the first port of call for every opportunity in our sector. And if they don’t approach us, we approach them. There is so much going on in our sector, be it awards, collaborations, events, activations, sampling, and more and as a specialist marketing agency we keep abreast of each and every opportunity out there, so that you never miss a chance to spread the word.

It’s hard to stop at 5 reasons and we could go on. But ultimately, we believe in the power of the specialist PR and marketing agency and we invite you to discover the same too.

Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, Founder & CEO of TishTash Marketing and PR @TishTashTalks

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